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Cities, governments, and nations are faced with two concurrent challenges: the increasing demand for electricity and the goal of utilizing environmentally friendly alternative energy sources rather than traditional fossil fuels. With increasing levels of personal and commercial power consumption and the impact many traditional energy sources have upon long-term climate change, solutions are needed now for alternative uses of energy and clean power generation that can keep up with demand.

Through a collaborative and green approach, North Energy Central (NEC) seeks to partner with cities and governments to create opportunities that benefit the local communities and economies with jobs, careers, and infrastructure investment. Such opportunities with cities and municipalities throughout the world can result in power projects that provide "Utility-Class" electric power through intelligent energy utilization. NEC is committed to solving the need for more power generation while reducing emissions and environmental impact. The value of this type of partnership cannot be underestimated.

Since many of NEC power projects utilize municipal solid waste, landfill gas, biomass, or other locally generated waste products, governments and municipalities receive a strategic opportunity to meet the increasing demand for electricity while responding directly to the growing issues of waste disposal and energy independence, and do so in ways that support local and global environmental objectives. In all cases, NEC projects generate a reliable, high quality source of electricity while providing a real solution to reduce emissions, address environmental concerns, and support local economies for a better quality of life.


“World's Cleanest Thermal Plant" 

Huntington Beach, California, USA

Landfill Gas Power

Puente Hills, California, USA

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