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NEC’s natural gas powered projects produce electric power through the use of clean natural gas. With simple cycle or combined cycle architectures, NEC’s natural gas powered projects have the greatest scalability, being both effective and economical, from 50 up to 1500 MW and greater. NEC's design ensures high efficiency and excellent heat rates, regardless of size. These projects also offer reliability and versatility being designed as either dispatchable or base loaded capacity. In either case, the NEC design ensures clean power generation that supports environmental objectives. 

NEC’s designs incorporate a range of combustion turbine and steam turbine systems, to include the General Electric (GE) LM6000 aircraft derivative combustion turbine-generators (CTG) as a core selection which NEC has utilized in projects around the world. An NEC aeroderivative gas turbine engine, recognized by GE, enables us to develop and commission certain projects in significantly less time.

NEC's structured design offers operational flexibility, allowing the project to operate at near full load efficiency while portions of the system are receiving maintenance. NEC’s natural gas projects may optionally incorporate fuel storage facilities at the site to allow power generation under various conditions.

Combined cycle architectures generates electric power at high efficiency when compared to conventional power plants by using the heat content of exhaust gases from the combustion turbines that would otherwise be released or wasted.

NEC combines its intelligent plant designs with advanced process technology to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) and ammonia (NH3) slip. Depending upon project specifics, NEC’s designs incorporate a variety of emission control technologies, including demineralized water injection or selective catalytic reduction (SCR), to reduce NOx to simple and harmless nitrogen and water, and oxidation-reduction catalysts to reduce CO and volatile organic compounds (VOC). In all cases, NEC utilizes advanced emissions control software systems to continuously manage and optimize the emissions reductions performance.


Environmental Benefits


Natural gas, like other fossil-based fuels, is limited and is therefore not a renewable resource. However, the utilization of natural gas produces only a fraction of the NOx and CO2 emissions of other energy sources, and also results in essentially no particulate matter or SOx emissions. Natural gas therefore becomes an attractive "transition" fuel as the energy economy adjusts and moves from polluting sources towards cleaner, renewable technologies.


NEC’s power projects using natural gas are far more efficient than other fossil fuel technologies, therefore requiring less energy per kWh produced and easing the burden on the environment. NEC’s state of the art combined cycle designs reduce fuel use by as much as 40 percent.


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