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NEC engineering and construction management specializes in clean energy designs and projects. NEC has developed this capability from working with utilities, governments, and organizations in energy planning, design and utilization, and environmental improvement. NEC's broad capabilities extend from engineering, equipment supply, and construction to start-up, testing, and operations. We are experts in the field of theoretical analysis of highly complex chemical and thermodynamic systems.

Members of the professional staff of NEC have many years of experience working in the area of power generation, pollution control, environmental programs, optimization, and project financing. We have a diversified staff of engineers, designers, and technical specialists and are highly experienced in:  


  • Project development and financing

  • Project and program management

  • Developing renewable energy sources and programs for power generation

  • Feasibility studies and engineering for multiple fuels and co-utilization

  • Test programs to evaluate the impact of fuel properties on power/facility performance

  • Permitting and certification of power generation projects

  • Project management, construction, and start-up

  • Assessing unit performance and operational/equipment modifications to improve performance

  • Engineered solutions to reduce flue gas emissions

  • Designing and implementing environmental emission monitoring programs

  • Designing and providing facilities for overall pollution reduction

  • Deployment of system designs and technologies for SOx and NOx reduction

  • Feasibility and demonstration of fluidized bed, repowering, for clean and efficient utilization of coal fuels

  • Partnering with municipalities and government with long-range planning for pollution control and environmental recovery  


Coal Plant 2400 MW, Kansas

Gas Turbine, California

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