Welcome to NEC

North Energy Central (NEC)1 has delivered power generation projects and services to the world's electric power market for over 30 years. Over that time, NEC has earned the reputation for building clean, environmentally-friendly power generation plants that are second to none in design, optimal performance, durability and safety. NEC expertise and credentials are the result of almost 70 such power projects that range from the drawing board to construction and operation.

NEC brings together industry-leading professionals to assist utilities and energy intensive companies to cope with the rapidly changing world of rising energy costs and challenging environmental requirements. NEC integrates proprietary designs and efficient technologies while utilizing renewable, waste, or clean energy sources. As a result, NEC is uniquely qualified and committed to deliver clean and reliable power generation to the world.

1A spinoff of ESA Associates Inc., engineering, construction, and management firm with expertise in the deployment of environmentally friendly electrical power plants.